Hemorrhoid isn’t a kind of horrible disease. it is often caused by long sitting,greasy and spicy diet. Drivers,office ladies and men,and pregnant women are most likely to suffer from Hemorrhoid.

However,70% of patients never take it seriously until it is much worse. Our advice is that people should pay more attention to hemorrhoid.

Made with precious Artemisias and other Chinese medicinal herbs,our Hemorrhoid cream and spray have effective anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic medical properties to stimulate the skin healing process. it also helps to restore dilated and inflamed veins to normal condition.

it improves blood flow to the rectal area and for the repair of damaged tissues. it contains emollient properties that keep bowel movement moist and stimulate rapid granulation and formation of new tissues. It gives a cooling sensation and soothing effect to calm inflamed tissues immediately upon contact. No surgery, No Drugs, No Chemicals and Most importantly, No Pain.

You can’t put a price on your health condition. Our Herbal Hemorrhoid 2-in-1 Double Action Pack™  has been shown to improve your anal health condition.

NOTE: AT ANY PHASE, PILE IS DANGEROUS... It grows like a fertilized cassava

GRADE 1 PILE: these are small inflammation and swelling in the anus, they are not always visible but you Feel it

GRADE 2 PILE: at this stage it graduates to a small swelling that only comes out drunk lung stooling but it goes back unaided!

GRADE 3 PILE: this is the grade where they are visibility outside the anus and you feel them, but can easily be pushed back.. this stage is very dangerous!

GRADE 4 PILE: This is the stage where the doctor advises a surgery because you are at a risk of anal cancer!

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