You will receive a call or a text in the next few minutes for your confirmation or more instructions

Here is what you should know

Our delivery procedure is very simple, just follow the below steps and we will ensure a seamless delivery of your product.

Step 1: Be ready to receive a call

First of all, we know you might not have our customer service phone number, Once we put a call across to you, we will introduce ourselves properly, so that you know it is not a spam call.

Step 2: Connect with our dispatch

Once your order is ready to be shipped, our dedicated dispatch service might want to call you to ensure the location you provide is still the one you intend to receive your product at. Be a little patient with them due to traffic and some unforeseen circumstances. Maintain phone contact.

Step 3: Be Available to receive your order

We know you have important stuffs to attend to, kindly ensure you are available to receive your product. However, in an event that you won't be available, due to personal reasons, inform someone to receive on your behalf, or place a call to inform us immediately.

Step 4: Pay on Delivery

Once you receive your product, Kindy pay the speculated amount. Please be inform, In most cases, our dispatch do not carry money around, and tries delivering to other areas, in the same day. make the job easy on them.


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